What is Studio NPG?
Studio NPG is a teaching and performance space owned and operated by New Performance Group. Creative Director Lua Hadar founded NPG in 1990, bringing it to San Francisco's Goodman 2 artist loft complex in 1995. 

New Performance Group has produced classes, workshops,
performances, CDs, events, and international exchange in its 20-year history, but only in 2010 did it become a teaching, rehearsal and performance studio.  

Studio NPG, located in the Potrero section of San Francisco, California, offers professional development for performers, Salon Concerts, Events, New Works development, and International Exchange.

New Performance Group
in collaboration with entities both at home and abroad:
  • Produced Like A Bridge CD + DVD
  • Cultural Exchange with French Musicians October 2012
  • Improvisation with Marcia Kimmell
  • On-Camera and Voiceover Classes with David Rosenthal
  • Master Classes for Singers with Broadway Star Faith Prince and Natasha Burr
  • Salon Concert Series, beginning June 2011
  • Like A Bridge and the Bridges Project, an international CD, DVD, Live Performance and teaching project featuring Lua Hadar with TWIST. 
  • NPG  Music Party  Events, Studio NPG, began April 2011, ongoing.
  • P.R. Bootcamp for professional and pre-professional performers, Studio NPG, March-April 2011, Nov 2011-March  2012
  • Singers Master Class & Concert at Studio NPG & Thick House, San Francisco, 2010, ongoing
  • Cultural Exchange Concert & Master Class in Lille & Lomme, France, 2010
  • Lua Hadar with TWIST in French Connection, Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC, 2010
  • Lua Hadar with TWIST in French Connection, Rrazz Room San Francisco, 2009
  • Paris Debut Lua Hadar at the Swan Bar, Paris, France, 2009
  • Bangkok 10th International Festival of Dance & Music, with TWIST, Thailand, 2008
  • Lua Hadar with TWIST indie CD release at the Iridium Jazz Club, New York,  2008
  • Sing Out Loud Master Class, with Kitchenette Productions, San Francisco, 2006-2010
  • It's About Time indie CD Release, San Francisco, The Purple Onion & The Plush Room, 2005-2006 
  • It's About Time Already! on tour to The Gardenia Supper Club, Los Angeles, 2006
  • Thick Tuesdays Workshops for Singers, at Thick House theater, San Francisco, 2000-2005
  • Italian National Festival of Comic Song: From the Shaman to the Showman, cultural exchange, with The Kitchenettes, Italy, 2003
  • Haki International Children's Art Festival, Arts in Education Cultural Exchange Presentation, Fukuoka, Japan, 2002. Reception of Japanese delegation in SF Bay Area, 1999
  • French Cabaret for Toulouse-Lautrec & the Spirit of Montmartre, Legion of Honor, San Francisco, 2001
  • Centro Culturale Teatro Camuno Concert Festival Cultural Exchange, The Languages of Love, Italy, 2000
  • European  & North American tour, A.I.D.A. Centro Teatro Ragazzi di Verona, Italy, 1985-90
  • Centro Culturale Teatro Camuno, Creative Drama Program, Breno, Italy, 1989-90

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY: Refunds for seminars with more than one class meeting are available, minus a $50 cancellation fee and a $20 registration fee, if requested no more than 24 hours after the first class is held. Email your cancellation & refund request to info@newperformancegroup.net. Please allow 2-3 weeks to process your refund. Any refund checks not cashed after 2 months of receipt will be null and void.

There are no refunds on Salon Concert tickets unless Studio NPG or its artist cancels the event.


New Performance Group and Studio NPG are dedicated to deepening intercultural communication and exchange through the performing arts and arts education. 

Communication and exchange occur within "micro-cultures" living in the same city, or may stretch across oceans. In either case, the larger goal is mutual understanding,  which on a global level promotes peace and harmony in the world. This philosophy informs our work, whether on stage or in the classroom.

Member Teaching Artists:
Lua Hadar
Allison Lovejoy
Faith Prince
Natasha Burr 
Candace Forest

Guest Teaching Artists:
David Rosenthal
Sheldon Forrest
Jason Martineau
Marcia Kimmell
Barry Lloyd

Series Presenters: 
Chad Jones
Faith Prince
Natasha Burr
Tom Kelly
Meghan Weimer
Barry Lloyd
Bob Croft - upcoming
Mike Ward
Russell Volckmann
Gerald Nachman

Salon Concerts: 
Maria Diamond - 2/9/13
Daphna Rahmil - 3/2012
Kiké Adedeji - 12/2011
Lua Hadar & Jason Martineau 6/2011
Allison Lovejoy and more to come...